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Planning & Strategy
We will work with you and evaluate your long-term goals and make technology choices that support your outcomes. We propose solutions that will make it easy to collect the data you need to win the grants that fund your mission. We can also build a roadmap for regular hardware upgrades that will keep your budget down and every area of your organization running at their best.

Technology Donations

Software Donations

As a 501(c)(3), your organization is eligible for tens of thousands of dollars in donated software, as well as substantial discounts on hardware. We'll help you maximize this benefit, and make sure you're putting your new found resources to work.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Solutions

With expertise in Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Salesforce, and QuickBooks, among others, we craft end-to-end solutions that support your operations, fundraising goals, and delivery of services. All of this, of course, is much more affordable, thanks to donations from corporations like Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, Dell, and many more.


Event Technology

Whether your event is an in-person gala or an online auction, we can help. We're ready to help with audio, video, and projection, secure transactions at remote locations, and online fundraising of all sorts. 


Technology is only useful if your staff and volunteers have the training they need to use it correctly. We teach them how, either in one-on-one or classroom situations. Meaningful training materials will keep your organization running smoothly.


Security & Backups
We establish policies to fend off malicious security threats and intruders, keeping you safe from catastrophic data loss and costly outages. We also make sure your machines and network are properly configured to stay up to date with the latest security fixes. Proper backup methods mean you can recover quickly from any accidental loss without losing your footing.


System Monitoring & Management
We can setup 24x7 monitoring for all the devices in your network; we'll know immediately if something breaks or service is reduced—and you will too.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud & Remote Access
We'll help you stake your claim in "the cloud," keep your data safe, and allow you to work securely from home or, really, from anywhere.

Social Media

Social Media Management
Having trouble building your social media reputation? We can help out with regular updates that promote your services and celebrate your successes. With succinct, well-written posts that engage your fans and attract new ones, you'll be able to turn to your base to meet fundraising and volunteer goals.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions
At Bass Rocks, we built our business on building custom solutions. From relational databases to web sites and apps, we've built it, and if your needs can't be met with off-the-shelf technology, we'll custom craft a solution to your exact specifications. What is it you have in mind?



Bass Rocks Technology, named for a rocky stretch of Cape Ann shoreline, has been around since 1992. Early on, we provided technology consulting and development for corporations like AT&T/Lucent, Yahoo, National Leisure Group, and Verispan Healthcare. As the world moved to the Internet, we focused more on web development and worked with smaller organizations, including "mom & pops," non-profits, and municipalities. In time, we decided to focus on non-profit organizations that do good for our community and our world—we share your values! We work local, so we can be hands-on with our clients and truly get to know their needs. 

Our clients, past and present, include Acord Food Pantry (Hamilton), Addison Gilbert Hospital Citizen's Fund (Gloucester), Ipswich Food Pantry, The Open Door (Gloucester), Rockport Public Library, Rockport Housing Authority, The Schooner Adventure (Gloucester), and Wellspring House (Gloucester), among others.  

We invite you to reach out to us and learn what we can do to help further your mission. We would love to hear from you!


Bass Rocks Technology
496 S Main St, Haverhill, MA 01835


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